Cattle/Sheep Yard Combo


Combination – 50 Head Cattle, 300 Head Sheep Yard

Includes quality cattle yard products such as -Standard cattle panels 2100L , Premium Vet crush assembly with full side and rear access, cattle gates with slam latches and a fully adjustable loading ramp.

Sheep yard includes sheep panels with strong clamp joints, heavy duty gates and a Premium 3 Way V draft assembly.

Options available –

  • Loading ramp can also be relocated/positioned at the end of the Vet Crush assembly
  • Premium Cattle Crush can be scaled back to a Hobby style crush assembly(reducing costs  by approximately $2,000 )
  • Sheep 3 Way V draft assembly can be scaled back to a standard draft assembly (reducing costs by $300)

Price as design only $13,500 including GST

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